Pricing is the #1 driver of your Profit

Isn't it time you got yours right?

Price Optimization from Data to Shelf, & everything in between

Discover - Price drivers in your data
Test - Pricing multiple price scenarios
Impact - On you, customers & competitors
Implement - Step by step plan to execute to shelf

No "actionable" insights left on the table. No guess work.

Just clear, reasoning and detailed steps to Profitable growth

To increase profits with optimal pricing, you have to actually change prices.

Sounds obvious, right? But then why do price optimization projects and products end with sets of complex visuals and theoretical insights?

The potential value is only achieved once prices and promotions have changed. Our solutions start with data, we do all the cool analytics and math and scenarios, and we end with the simplest step-by-step plans for you to follow to implement changes in the real world. We ensure you reap the future rewards on offer.

We have been doing this for more than 10 years, with some of the world's largest brands.  Do you want to join them?

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Price remains the number 1 opportunity to increase profit

Price remains the number 1 opportunity to increase profit

While market competition continues to intensify, price has been and remains the number one opportunity for companies to increase profit. Our data shows that brand owners across all categories and sizes of market are losing between 8% and 13% potential profit due to sub optimal pricing decisions. How do i find the prices i should be changing?

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Your own Pricing decisions are causing your volatile demand.

Your own Pricing decisions are causing your volatile demand.

Our data shows that as low as 65% and as much as 85% of the demand volatility your experience, is driven by your own pricing decisions. Most businesses are creating the chaos in sales forecasting themselves. We like to believe its our competition, but the data says that is unlikely to be what is actually happening. You can fix this by testing your price decision impact on sales before you make the changes with our Simulation Engine.

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Are your Prices the enemy of your Brand ?

Are your Prices the enemy of your Brand ?

Prices are so much more than just numbers. The price you choose is the words that you chose to communicate your value to your shopper. It is the culmination of everything the product and company stands for. Prices that don't complement your Brand strategy end up costing you more than just sales. Fix this by devising pricing strategies and offers that enhance your brand by discovering the best offer structures with our Discovery Engine.

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RGM 101

RGM can seem to be a complex and difficult concept to gain confidence with. Here are the key principles to get you going:

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RGMC was born out of the development of Torch Analytics which has been conducting Revenue Growth Management services since 2016.

The company was founded on the basis of the APPINO software that Riaan Burger developed to assist with long range forecasting. Given the impact that RGM principles have on financial forecasts, the software was enhanced to include these principles. Currently the software is developed by a team of dedicated engineers that are constantly bringing new concepts to life. The next release of APPINO is version 7.0 .

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