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We help you make better Pricing Decisions


Discover Every Day and Promotion prices that will deliver for you and your customers.

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Promotion Optimisation

Improve Promotion performances, simplify planning and get more accurate sales forecasts.

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Trade Investment

Manage your Trade Investment via a simple platform that reaches everyone across your business.

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My Opportunity Engineers

A dedicated team that searches out new sources of growth across your business. Always on, zero touch.

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Client Portal

Client log on to access the RGMC client portal. If you have forgotten your password or are not registered yet, please email:

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RGM 101

RGM can seem to be a complex and difficult concept to gain confidence with. Here are the key principles to get you going:

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How to Build a wining RGM Plan?

Achieving your profit goals with RGM requires you to master three key aspects, find them here:

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How can Sales folk be released from Promo Admin?

Our research shows that CPG sales folk spend more than 35% of their time planning and managing promotions. That can be reduced to less than 10%, learn how, here:

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Why do we think RGM should report into Sales?

We have seen RGM functions reporting and being part of many different areas of the business. The most successful teams all report into and are a part of Sales. Learn why:

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RGMC was born out of the development of Torch Analytics which has been conducting Revenue Growth Management services since 2016.

The company was founded on the basis of the APPINO software that Riaan Burger developed to assist with long range forecasting. Given the impact that RGM principles have on financial forecasts, the software was enhanced to include these principles. Currently the software is developed by a team of dedicated engineers that are constantly bringing new concepts to life. The next release of APPINO is version 5.0 .

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